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My first Animation

2011-11-22 16:40:49 by SpunkyDesign

My first animation, My first post!
Newgrounds.com http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

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My first Animation


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2011-11-22 16:47:34

hey man i just took a flahs class in college, nice job. im not to good at drawing but i can do more like the stick animations here, good work. keep it up!

SpunkyDesign responds:

Hello GamerGuy,

Thank you for your comment. This site is a great motivation and it is one of the reasons why I got into flash animation. Would like to see what you are animating. If you have passion for something, you will end up with great work. So, keep it up!


2011-11-23 14:43:17

I know this is time consuming...making your lips move according to the vowels...But, your work was not in vain. If this is your first, imagine the rest of your live's work! You better keep on truckin' my brutha! Love ya!